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Meet Linus! He is an F1 Cockapoo. He is a sweet, affectionate little boy who loves to play and explore.


His mother, Wilma, is a playful and affectionate 20lbs Cocker Spaniel. His father, Crockett, is an outgoing and friendly Mini Poodle weighing 15 lbs. 


Linus has been raised in our home and has received much love and care. He is vet-checked, up to date on his vaccines, and has a one-year genetic health guarantee. He has been litter box trained, which helps him learn where it is and is not appropriate to go. We will send him home with a bag full of goodies which will include a 4 lb. bag of puppy food, training treats, a toy, and a blanket that smells like home. 


We offer transportation services upon request. 


If you would like to meet Linus we would be happy to schedule a video call with you!

  • Picking the right puppy for your family is one thing. Getting your puppy to your home from ours is another.  In an ever-busy world, we try and work with all our customers the best we can to get your puppy home.

    Providing we can work out a date / time frame that fits your schedule and ours, we have helped navigate this for many of our puppy families. 

    We can provide you with a quote for partial or full delivery to you. If your location is further away than a casual drive, we do offer flight nanny services and will personally fly your puppy to the closest airport to you.  There are specific requirements that must be met to fly a puppy.  Please contact us for more information and to request a quote.

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