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About Puppies Amour

     Hello from the Priest family! Our names are Paul and Virginia.  Together, along with our five children, we have built Puppies Amour, LLC.  A family-run dog breeding service located in Lima, Ohio.  Born and raised here, we have always called Northwest Ohio our home.

     Having been drawn to the hypoallergenic traits of the breed, our first Goldendoodle instantly melted our hearts with her silly and sweet nature, causing us to fall in love with the breed.  Her addition to our home encouraged us to consider providing others with the same joy that she gave to us.  

    Over the years, we have expanded our dog family to include our own parent dogs:  Our sweet Poodles, Bernese Mountain Dogs (Bernedoodles), and our Golden and English Cream Retrievers (Goldendoodles).  Our daughter has since branched out into her own space with the addition of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (Cavapoos).

     Initially selected for temperament, all our parent dogs are genetically tested for health and breeding compatibility.  We maintain a strong relationship with several veterinarians in the area to always make sure our dogs are their healthiest.

     Our mission is to provide you with the same experience we received when we brought home our first Goldendoodle. Whereas we’ve owned other breeds throughout the years, the Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles are such a special breed in that they instantly warm up a family’s home with their happy, playful, and loving personalities. We hope that we can help you experience that with a puppy of your own from Puppies Amour.

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