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Proudly Supporting
Warriors' Best Friend

Puppies Amour proudly supports Warriors' Best Friend and their mission provide expertly-trained facility dogs to military organizations and K-12 schools. Joe Jeffers has an incredible vision for helping people and is something that Puppies Amour can stand behind.

There are two ways that you can help Joe in his mission to provide well-trained support dogs:

1. Puppies Amour is beginning a shared purchase program.  By participating, you will be helping to purchase a puppy from Puppies Amour, who will select from one of our available puppies and arrange to deliver the puppy to their training center for training.  Each purchaser's name will be included on a certificate given to Warriors' Best Friend with the delivery of their puppy. We will remain completely transparent with the payments submitted and provide updates as more shares come in.  If the amount of a full puppy is not reached within 6 months, the 
payments made to Puppies Amour will be transfered to Warriors' Best Friend as a montitary gift.

2. Click on the link to Warriors' Best Friend and donate directly towards their efforts.

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